Farm Business Consulting

When it comes to important decisions, our staff can give you invaluable insight and expertise. Whether it's the answer to a specific question or ongoing guidance and support for your operation, our fees are reasonable and our service is prompt.

Consulting Services

Lease evaluations - Are you getting the right "deal" for the farm you own or the farm you are renting. Heartland Ag Group can help you determine the best lease agreement to meet your financial goals.

Undivided interest - As groups of investors look to pool resources to make larger investments in agriculture, undivided interests have become more prominent. We have the expertise to assist in the initiation and managment of these types of investment groups.

Tax deferred exchanges - Avoiding major income tax situations when selling a real estate investment can be pretty challenging. A tax-deferred exchange is one way that may effectively get the value from your current investment into new opportunities.

Wind energy - Clean, renewable energy resources will be an important part of our United States future. Wind is targeted to provide 20% of our energy requirement within 2 decades. We are involved in numerous wind energy projects and we will share our expertise with you.

Capital improvements - Is it time to add a new tool shed or grain bin? Our experience in farm and capital management can help you make the right moves at the right time.

Drainage improvements - The old saying goes, "You pay for tile drainage whether you write a check or not!" With today's rising farmland values - - those extra bushels per acre are magic! Farmers, landowners, and investors alike are seeing an opportunity to enhance their net profits by installing drainage tiles that systematically drain problem wet areas and create higher corn and soybean yields. The return on their investment is significant.

Financial planning - Your needs are our first priority when it comes to financial planning. Let Heartland Ag Group's professionals help you evaluate your agriculture assets and make solid decisions that will benefit you now and in the future.

Precision farming - Every acre of every field is not the same. That's why we are well-versed in the practices of precision farming. Utilizing the new tools and technology available can get the most out of every acre you farm.

Estate planning - Providing the greatest value to your heirs is one of the primary reasons many invest in agricultural assets. Let Heartland Ag Group help you provide your loved ones the benefit you hoped for so many years ago.

Grain marketing - Selling and buying commodities is not always straightforward. Our years of experience in farm management and commodity market analysis can benefit you in getting more for every bushel.

Business expansion - Your operation is going well, but is there greater opportunity on the horizon? Our professionals can assist you in evaluating each business growth opportunity to make sure it matches your overall business strategy and will help you attain your financial goals.

Specialty crops - Traditional row crops may not be your only avenue for generating value from your farmland. Specialty crop contracts can be very lucrative and Heartland Ag Group is here to help you determine the correct strategy for you.

Litigation support - We document every aspect of the farms we manage, appraise, and sell making us an invaluable resource should the need arise.