Managing your farmland investment

Our farm management services give you freedom from day-to-day responsibilities and risk, but do not let you lose control of your farmland. We can help you create a stable, profitable return while preserving the farm for the future. Our Accredited Farm Managers have the expertise to manage virtually any situation for you, and they're available 24/7.

Areas of Expertise

Farm leases - Many owners do not farm and farmers do not own. This is becoming more often the norm than the exception in agriculture today. As more people recognize the value of farmland as an investment, it is critical that lease agreements meet the needs of everyone involved. Heartland Ag Group has created and executed a wide variety of lease agreements and is here to help you.

Crop and livestock production - Our expertise is not limited when it comes to agriculture. Row crops, livestock operations, and specialty crops are all within our range of understanding and we are ready to assist you manage any and all aspects of your operation.

Commodity marketing - Identifying the right time to buy and sell your grain commodities is a challenging proposition. Our farm management professionals look at the current trends and historical charts to assist you in making the right decisions at the right time.

Financial management - Proper management of your capital will make the long term success of your operation more sure. We will evaluate your long and short term capital needs and guide your financial decisions to match your current and future financial objectives.

Risk management - What kind of protection does your farmland need to insure a return? In the current agricultural environment that can change quickly. We provide our customers with guidance in determining the correct risk management strategy in protecting the revenue generating power of their investment.

Client communications - Keeping our customers up-to-date on their individual investment and the agricultural marketplace is a high priority. Sometimes it is a simple phone call other times a complete farmland investment review; in either case you will know what is going on today and how the future looks.