Valuing Your Farmland Investment

Do you know the value of your farmland assets? We can find out.

Our appraisal reports are designed with a reader in mind. They are easy to follow and user friendly. At Heartland Ag Group, Ltd., we are sensitive to your need for land value information and offer 2 types of appraisal reports that focus on your valuation requests.

  • Summary Report − This complete report includes the market data approach, the cost approach, the income approach to value, and is full of details.
  • Restricted Use Report − This report is for special needs and is a partial document with the details residing in our files.

Heartland Database and Market Knowledge − We have a computerized database that includes nearly every sale in 15 to 20 counties dated back to 1992 that covers a wide variety of cropland, woodland, and development land. This data base is our knowledge base! Also, we track current sales in the newspaper and attend the public auctions and related sales transactions. At Heartland Ag Group, Ltd., we also sell a significant volume of land.

Types of Appraisal Clients

Estate Taxes - Sometimes death and taxes go hand-in-hand. We will help you value your farmland for Internal Revenue Service requirements that also include establishing cost basis for the next generation.

Gifting - Many landowners derive benefits from gifting their farmland to other family members or charities. We will establish the fair market value for your gift.

Loan Documentation - When farmland is used as collateral to support borrowed funds, we will establish the fair market value of your assets.

Land Division and Partition - Dividing farmland is a common event for many families and farm businesses. We will dig into all the details affecting values to make these divisions equitable and fair.

Tax Free Exchanges - IRS Code Section 1031 allows you to trade like kind real estate without paying capital gains taxes. We can place values on your farmland in these transactions.

Special Use Valuation - IRS Code Section 2032A has numerous specific requirements to meet, so landowners can receive reduced estate tax obligations. We understand those complex requirements.

Investment Analysis - Farmland is a premium investment - - basically a growth stock. We will look at area land sales, trends, profits and returns and assist you with analyzing your farmland's performance.